Dream #62 – Sect

December 28, 2013

” I was investigating. There was this strange group of people. I had to infiltrate them. I met them in the afternoon. They led me to various places. I entered a house. There were many children. Their leader was a woman. There were many rules to follow. I couldn’t walk alone. I was followed. There was a curfew after dark. I took the opportunity to flee. I ended up on a streed. I saw a car and made signs with my arms to stop it. The driver was a man. His car was not in a good state. The brakes were not working very well. He did not know the area. I was trying to find police officers. I woke up before I did. I felt uneasy throughout the whole dream. “


” I don’t remember much of this dream. I recall being with my mother and my siblings. There are white lights in the sky. At first, I seem to believe that they are stars. Then, they begin to move. The more I look at them, the more they dance in the night at the distance. Their movements are fluid, yet frenetic. Suddenly, they go upwards and vanish. “

Dream #60 – Tengu

May 16, 2012

” It’s night time. I can see the full moon. There are no clouds in the sky, yet there is rain. I am at the edge of a forest, near a small path. I am waiting for someone. I am a ninja, once again. Since I am waiting and I have nothing to do, I walk a little and I take a look at the area. The view is breathtaking. The moonlight shows a vast land full of vegetation surrounded by mountains. At some point, I hear someone running towards me at the distance. I hide behind a farmer’s house and I wait. Soon enough I can see a being that is not human, yet he has human characteristics. He is smelling my presence. He is about 8 feet tall, but he is always in a bending position because of the weight pressure he has on his body. So even if he is 8 feet tall, he is about 6 feet high. His body is both muscular and not. He has a very muscled structure around his chest, back and lower body which make him look like a hunchback… But his legs and arms are very skinny. He seems to be extremely strong despite his tortured appearance. He is holding multiple objects on his back. He has some sort of backpack made out of multiple dark-colored clothes ( red, white, purple and black being the most important colors ) and I assume that what is inside this backpack is the gold I am searching for. He has an oil lamp on one hand and a stick on the other hand. His face is very similar to a mummy: human traits, yet all the flesh is gone. He barely has a nose. It’s as if his nose was cut in a previous and ancient battle. His skin is dark brown. He has a blind, white eye and a pale brown one. He is moving extremely quickly, yet stopping in a unhuman way. He moves like an insect. As I look at it, I feel like this creature is pure evil and that it has no human weaknesses. The foul appearance of the monster pushes me to end its life quickly.

I attack him. I have multiple weapons at my disposal. I first throw five shurikens in a very fast movement but the creature is extremely quick and jumps over my shurikens. It drops its gold in the same movement, because I did hit the backpack. The lamp falls on the ground and there is no light except for the moon’s. We fight within the darkness and the pale rays of light provided by the moon. His stick is as hard as my sword and he is stronger, quicker than me. His hits almost paralyse my arms. I run away, but not in a cowardly kind of way. I actually know that there is a place for me that could help me kill the creature. It follows me and it taunts me in its own devilish language. At some point I arrive near a cliff. There is a waterfall and at the bottom there are plenty of nasty rocks. My plan is to push the creature in order to make it fall on the rocks below. We fight a little as I am running for the cliff, because it is quicker. I execute plenty of attacks, especially with some sort of bladed nunchaku which repels the creature for a time. At some point, there is a large tree and we fight on its branches. I end up losing my nunchuks, deeply stuck in the tree trunk after missing a hit. The creature managed to hit me many times at that point. I take out my only remaining weapon – a Ninjatō ( shorter than a katana ).

We end up and fight at the edge of the cliff. I fight with everything I have, but the creature is so strong that it destroys my sword. As it strikes the last, final blow to end my life, I roll under it by passing between its legs and I execute a kicking motion on its back as I am rolling, pushing the creature and ultimately making it fall to its death. I take a look below and I see that the creature is lying in the water among the rocks, dead. Suddenly, the creature itself disappears, leaving only its clothes. I assume that this is normal for such a creature. I go back, collect the gold and I quickly find myself in front of who I assume to be my master and Daimyo. I tell him that I have killed the creature and that I have collected its gold. I talk about numbers that I cannot remember very well at that point. There was 200 000 and also 300 000 “something”. I believe this was the sum that was retrieved by me and another ninja who had killed a similar creature prior to the events.

” I’m at the cabin. I decide to leave the place. I am alone, and I start walking at the border of a road. A guy passes by with an ATV and it looks almost exactly the same as my own. I make him stop and I look at it. It has some differences. I decide to come with him and I sit at the back of the quad. We start talking about how great the these vehicles are. I finally decide to leave the guy, so he stops and I start walking on the road once again. I soon figure out that night is coming very soon and that I must make a fire because I’m about to get caught in total darkness. The overall light goes away very quickly. I go at the edge of a lake nearby and I find a flashlight. I realize it is too late for me to make a fire and that I would hurt myself trying to find wood so I go back to the road and I keep on walking. The flashlight is barely making any light. As darkness surrounds me, I see two lights at the distance and I realize that this is my entire family who’s coming to the cottage. They see me and they let me come with them and my little journey ends there. “

” The entire family is here. A friend is also here, and he tells me ” Are you ready? “. I immediately acknowledge that some sort of natural disaster is about to hit us, but none of us knows what it exactly is.

Some seconds later I abandon my body and I have a vision of the Earth itself. The seas are boiling, and all of the ice found on the planet melts at the same time. I can clearly see North America being overrun by water. Suddenly, I revert back to my body. Heat comes out of nowhere and I can sense that my body is burning. I lose pretty much all of my skin. Surprisingly, I am the only one who actually loses any skin. My family members are hurt, but they remain the same.

The heat is gone now, and I feel like it would be better to go out and get some fresh air. The landscape changed. I look back and the house is gone. I am in some sort of desert made out of dried mud. There is a friend there. She is searching for something within some mud cracks, it appears. I talk to her and she tells me ” Go help my boyfriend, he needs help “. He is not happy. He is searching for something as well, but he can’t find it. “

Dream #57 – The End

May 13, 2012

The patient was very shaken by this dream. His anxiety was at a very high level. He told us he never had a vivid dream such as this one.

” I am in the wilderness. I reckognize this place. This is where I go to see the sunset, on top of a small hill that overlooks the lake. I took many photos there.

There is an eagle in the sky. He flies in circles for a short while, then I lift my arm at shoulder height, and he descends and perches on my arm. He is a friend. He is not a pet, but a companion.

My family is bathing at the lake’s shore. Everything is calm.

Then my eagle feels something. It fears something. Something huge. Something menacing. I order it to fly away, to flee to safety.

The sky turns red. There is a gigantic bright light coming from the sky. It leaves a large tray of fire in its path. But it doesn’t touch the ground yet. It’s still in the air, going at great speeds.

We begin to feel heat. We are burning. We all go in the lake to prevent burning even more. The water in the lake is also warm, but it still is better than on the surface. We hide underwater for as long as we can, then we get a breath of air.

Suddenly there is a light coming from the distance and we all get pushed by what seems to be an extremely strong wave of wind. At the same time, a deafening sound comes with it. The comet, or whatever it was, crashed not far from here. We hide in our cabin and listen to the radio to learn about the disaster that just struck us. “

” I was with my little cousin and my grandfather. We were driving down a road made out of mud near the shore of a lake. Me and my cousin were on the back while my grandfather was driving. He started “climbing” some mountain with his truck and it seemed to me like the truck was almost going to flip over on its back so I used all my weight and threw myself near the front to balance the whole thing. I was very concerned about the safety of my cousin. “

” We were walking on a path in the heart of a forest. My mother, brother, sisters and two cousins followed me as I led the way. Many exotic flowers with strange, almost alien designs were on our left and on our right as we walked on this path. The youngest of my sisters went by my side and then ran in front of us. Suddenly, she fell in a puddle of mud. The puddle then turned blue and changed to clear water. Yet, it was too blue to be true. The water itself seemed to be alive. It was about 5 feet in circumference. It seemed like this “pond” was a perfect circle. Its waves were not normal – the waves were wild and alive. My sister was trying to go out of it, but it was clear that the water was trying to suck her into some sort of tube I could not see… I just knew it. I grabbed my sister’s hand and I got her out of there. As I saved her, I realized that this water had been troubling me in many dreams already. I thought ” This is a dream “. I looked at my family and they seemed puzzled.

“This is a dream. I just turned it into a lucid dream!” I said.

They did not seem convinced. “

” I was sitting on the ground with my back against a building. A companion was in front of me. We were both ninjas. He was obviously dying. I was nervous. He had a very nasty wound on the right side of his body. We had to wait, however, because we had committed an assassination some minutes ago and many other ninjas were trying to find us. I was sitting there helpless, watching him slowly dying. He wore a very dark green ninja outfit with some layers of brown. It seemed like an honorary outfit or something. Or perhaps was it made in order to hide in trees? My own outfit was black and I seemed like I was of a lower rank – or that my mission had been different that night. The dying ninja was old, perhaps in his 50s or even 60s and his eyes were grey. We had no weapons and we were helpless. We were doing nothing but looking at each others eyes trying to find some sort of meaning to the situation. “

” The dream was about a futuristic city, very similar to those found in Japanese anime. There were many tubes, tunnels and cables all around. I was with one of my sisters and some unknown people. We found ourselves on the outside of the city. It appeared to me that the sky was in fact made out of cables as well, however. We embarked on a circular plate which began to move over the ground. Some sort of elevator. Men were chasing us. They were armed and wore plating and helmets. They were mostly grey and blue and did not seem as human as we were. They kept on coming in an infinite number. I kept on fighting each and every single one of them on this elevating plate. I would often push them so they would fall from the elevator. I do not remember much more about this dream, but I recall seeing a taller, darker man watching me fight at the distance. “

” I was in a large circular room. The room only contained a very impressive golden pyramid made out of many tunnels. All of the light was concentrated on the pyramid and everything else was dark and impossible to see. In every tunnels, I had to accomplish a certain task. After acheiving the task, I would go back to the large room and the tunnel in which I came from would close. In one tunnel, I had to fight a faceless, thin, yet muscular adversary who wore torn grey clothes. In the second one, I had to find a planet through a telescope. In another one I had to find an emerald in a sand pit full of rocks. After closing all of the tunnels, a long golden and silvery stair appeared and I was able to reach the top of pyramid. I do not remember what was waiting for me on top.

” I am walking on the border of an old road. There are corn fields on both sides. It is obvious to me that the season is fall. I have a backpack and I am travelling. Hitchhiking. I look around and I see a girl. Turns out she was my first girlfriend.

” Why don’t you come with me in the forest? “

” Okay, let’s go! “

I leave the road and I follow her. We soon end up in the forest. There are multiple very beautiful plants with a rich, healthy green color. I reckon this looks like summer, now. I cannot identify the plants and they seem like those found in Amazonia. I keep on walking on a nice little path. As I am walking, I notice that the path is now full of dead leaves and other things – it is now fall time again. Finally, we end up in an open area. There is an old, almost undone tree house. Yet, it appears to be solid and steady. There are two abandoned vehicles. A white school bus and a sky blue truck. They are rusty, but they are beautiful like old, forgotten treasures. Tall grass surrounds both of them. The first thing I see on the borders of the open space: blueberries. It’s full of blueberries all over the place. And they seem so fresh and there are so many. I eat a lot of blueberries. They are delicious. As I eat the blueberries I find out that the whole place is now full of white, fresh snow. The snow, however, is only concentrated around the blueberries. It is in a near melting state. This makes the blueberries stand out even more and the whole place is stunning to look at. I feel very calm and appeased at this point. The area appears to be made out of gold with the sun’s light.

I decide that I want to set up camp in this area. However, since I am travelling with some sort of established “law” I choose not to sleep in the tree house or in the vehicles. I ask the girl to bring me an axe. Suddenly, I see a wood panel full of different axes. There are firefighter axes, small axes, tomahawks… Name them and you have them. I take a grey axe that seems to be the newest model of them all. I start chopping down some wood. The sun is setting very quickly and I fear that I might not have the time to chop all the wood to build my little log house. I feel cold. I tell myself that I will be freezing tonight if I do not take this wood and make it into a fire. My ex-girlfriend takes care of lighting the fire. I think about all of those blueberries. Bears eat blueberries. I do hope one will not come around here tonight. My ex-girlfriend screams.

” Look behind you! “

There is a bear. The whole place is now very dark. The bear is slowly walking towards me, moving its head from left to right, right to left, balancing forever. I yell at it. It stands up, avoiding eye contact. I grab some wood, but all the wood I grab is rotten. Each and every time I hit the bear, the wood breaks. The bear is angrier. It growls and breathes very hard. It knocks me down on the ground and overpowers me. I punch it.

As I punch the bear, I start feeling like I have some sort of power within my fist. I punched the bear many times without any results, so I concentrate on one single fatal punch. I punch the bear right in the face and it goes back at least three feet in front of me. It falls on its back, and then it leaves, running away. I feel like I used all of my ”power punches“. For some reason, I felt like I only had three punches allowed and that this was the last one. My ex-girlfriend asks if I am alright and I say “yes…”. But I feel very weak. It is now night time so we decide to leave the forest and go to her parents’ house up on the hill. As I walk with her, I feel better and my energy is coming back. In the last remaining images of this dream, I found out that it was now spring time and that many flowers were growing and blooming very rapidly under the moon’s light. A very thin dew floats around the hair, highlighted by the light. It is truly a very beautiful area.

As I walk, I scratch my hand on something. I look at my hand and there is a plant all around it! I try to remove it, but I cannot. It does not hurt ( nothing truly hurts in dreams ), but I feel like it is draining my energy. My ex-girlfriend removes it as if it was nothing. I have a red “J” mark on my hand. She takes a look at it. She leads me to some sort of area where there are many bags and boxes containing many letters and numbers and “glyphs” that I cannot recognize. Finally, we find the “J” box. It is a transparent one.  She opens it and there is some sort of sheet of paper in it. It has “J” on it, printed in red. It is some sort of prescription, I believe. “

” I was outside, in my grandfather’s courtyard. It was very late in the night. Many people were on their roofs. I went on my grandfather’s roof. The neighbor, who is on his own roof with his family and friends notices me

” You have come to see the lights too! We haven’t seen them yet. Oh, look! “

A light comes from the sky. It is white and oval shaped in a horizontal manner. It dances in the sky from a distance. We comment and argue about the size of the object. Then, two more lights come near it. The objects dance together in the night sky. Suddenly, they fade out and are replaced by an even more impressive sight: an entire plot of land, propelled in a way or another by some invisible force. There are buildings and people on this piece of land. It’s as if they are transporting people to some location. That is all I remember. “

” I am in a basement. The basement is made out of concrete. I walk towards the stairways and I stand going up. At first, the people I see are very poor and, as I go up, the people seem healthier and richer. As I walk, I notice a dark window on the wall. I look at it, and I see a very vague silhouette of a man that is also trying to look at me from another window. He, however, has glowing green eyes. A small, brown haired boy comes to me and tells me not to pay attention to what I see through the window. I go up the stairs with him. Soon enough, we find ourselves at the top of the building. There is a very intimidating thunderstorm raging on. There are many small houses made out of glass all around. I enter one of the houses – the biggest. There is a scientist inside. There are many papers on his desk and on the ground. Many telescopes and other scientific tools. There are tools that I do not know of. I remember some sort of globe with many triangles attached to it. The scientist is looking at the sky with his telescope. It seems he is looking at the lighting bolts. He notices me and he says:

” You came just in time! Sit and watch! “

I sit down on a very thin chair made out of aluminium. There is some sort of natural phenomenon going on at the distance. Some clouds are moving towards us in a circular form, pretty much like a ball of clouds rolling down the sky. As it comes closer and closer, the lightning bolts hit the glass building many times. I am not scared, but I feel like this place is dangerous. “

” I am a very old man. In fact, I do not even know if I am myself. All I know is that I am in a wheelchair and that many young people are surrounding me. I am in a garden with plenty of different flowers. There is a small stream separating the garden in two. All of the people around me are Japanese. They keep on saying things like ” We should go that way! “, ” No, that way! “. A young Japanese woman is moving my wheelchair around the garden and we end up alone in a silent, calm area. I see a young geisha in a vivid red kimono. She comes next to us and salutes us. She is extremely beautiful. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. There is another Japanese woman with western clothes accompanying her. I ask the woman ” Why are you accompanying this geisha? ” and she says something in Japanese that, in my dream, I understood, and although I do not know what it meant, I remember that I cried. “

” I am in some sort of hallway. There’s a red carpet all over the floor, pretty much like in theaters. The walls are brown and peach colored. There are people in front and behind me. Lots of people. Suddenly, plenty of horses enter the building and they run over everybody. The horses run over each other as well. They are all mad, insane, uncontrollable. The bigger horse of them all is at least fifteen feet tall and bites a smaller horse by the neck and throws it out of the way. After a short period of time, all the horses, including the gigantic one, are lying on the ground, dying. I try to heal them, but I can’t. I try to lift them so they can go up on their 4 legs, but they’re too heavy. “

” I am in a very futuristic hospital. The walls have curves and nothing seems to be flat in this hospital. It’s full of fancy, almost surreal objects and decorations. I feel like I’ve been waiting for hours and that I’ve spent all night long waiting. I feel tired. The secretary calls my name. I step up and go to an examination room. She asks ”why are you here young man?” and I start explaining that I am very sick. However, as I explain it, I cannot describe what is actually wrong with my body and I lie about various health problems. She prescribes me some sort of medication. “

” I am in what appears to be Stalingrad with plenty of soldiers, some Russians, some Germans. This is obviously happening during WW2. I am surrounded by the soldiers. It appears my arrival has made them stop fighting. Perhaps did they notice I was different? There are some tanks here and there. There is a heavy smoke, a fog of war over our heads. They ask me questions in german and russian but since I cannot speak these languages, I do not answer and they become angry. There’s a man with a knife and he wants to stab me. Other soldiers hold him down. I see a man, sitting and sleeping, his head and arms on a table. It’s Sigmund Freud! I walk towards him and I tell him to help me and every time I say something, he covers his ears so he can keep on dreaming. And I wake up. “

” I see two armies. Both of them are separated by a small sea. I fly around, looking at them at a great distance. One army is about to launch a naval strike. At the middle of the sea, there is a boat full of warriors, but it seems that they are scouting the area to prevent the fleet from being attacked. The sea is grey with a brown mist hovering all around. It gives the whole vision a “ sepia ” look.

I then find myself in a golden palace with diamonds on the walls and silvery pillars. I have a small group of warriors behind me. We are all bearing different colors. Our armors have precious stones as ornaments. My own armor is white and golden and I have two small, very sharp swords. I have an helmet and a mask. We arrive in front of a throne and there is an emperor who is hiding behind his personal guard. They are all red samurais. On the left and right of us, there are two groups of warriors who are now attacking us. On the left, there are warriors wearing armors with the same colors: black, green and white. They all have yari spears. I cut their yaris with my swords and I manage to kill many of them, but then I see that my warriors are being killed by the other group on the right. They are red and white samurais wielding no-dachi swords. I manage to kill many of them, executing feats only a skilled warrior could execute. I jump very high and I run very quickly, attacking and slaying my enemies and then… I wake up. “

” I was in my grandfather’s house. Many family members were here with me. It was as if we were all reunited, celebrating something. It was night time. We were talking in the kitchen when someone knocked at the door. It was a young woman in her 20s. She was of hispanic origin. She said that she had something to sell, but we weren’t interested. She insisted, so we let her enter. Out of her bag was a box with a lot of paper sheets of different size and color. Then, I saw that there was a light smoke coming from the area where the stove was located. There was a saucepan and an omelet was being prepared. I took care of it and served it on a dish, because the meal was ready. When I turned around, the girl was gone and there was a bird. I believe she metamorphosed into this bird. But it was made out of wood and shining metal. It was like a small machine bird. Steam would come out of it, in-between two pieces. The wood was light brown, the metal was of a dark, golden color. It had a crest over and on the back of its head, it was made out of vivid, light green feathers. It began talking. It was like a robot. It could sing and fly like a real bird, but it also could talk, record and deliver information like a computer. It went on my shoulder. I enjoyed this dream a lot. “

Dream #42 – Immortal

April 28, 2012

I stand in front of a house during nighttime. It resembles 18th century American homes. There is a tall, large being on the balcony. It is not human, but I can’t see it very clearly because of the darkness. I reckon it’s my enemy. I try to enter the house by opening the front door, but it is locked. I find a small opening that leads to the basement and I crawl through it. There is water on the floor. Bricks and wooden panels are left on the ground, as if the house was abandoned while being renovated. The basement is made out of large and long hallways.


I manage to see in the darkness that there are women hovering over the water. They are malevolent ghosts. They all have black hair and white gowns. Their gowns are torn and dirty. They are rotating, ever floating over the same spot, searching for intruders. If they rotate towards me and if they see me, they will attack. I go behind one of them. I try not to be seen. It works. But on the last hallway that leads to the upper floor, there are 3 of these women. I am able to avoid being spotted by the first two, but the last one gazes into my eyes and it attacks. I push her away, but she is very fast. She is screaming, she bites and scratches, like a wild animal. I manage to get a hold of her head and I smash it on the wall, but she cannot be killed. She is recovering. I must escape.


The rest of the house is empty. There are no ghosts. Only old furniture, silk, webs and dust. I go to the second floor. I see the creature I saw at first. It is evil. It reigns over this house. I know it is a demon. It has a large, yet muscular, greenish and grey body. It has a very large head, with large, protruding eyes. It has bat wings on both sides of its head. It has no mouth, only tentacles. It attacks me, but I am strong, for now I know I am in a dream. I punch it, but its chest is made out of some sort of mud. This creature seems to be the product of decay and decomposition. Every single time I punch it, it is weakened, but I feel like it cannot die. I feel like it is dead already, but yet it stands in my way and is fighting me.


I keep attacking and it tries to attack but I am too strong. I push it at the edge of the balcony. It then begins to transform. Its shape is stronger, bolder. It looks like a very tall human now. It looks at me and smiles. Dragon wings grow behind its back. It flies away. Even though I won the fight, I felt like I had been… Used. This creature clearly wanted me to attack it… But why? “

” I don’t remember much of this dream. I was on a chair. My arms were tied to arms of the chair. A nurse came. She injected a black liquid in my veins. I didn’t want that. She didn’t care. I felt threatened. I broke the chair and escaped. I found myself in an abandoned city. Cars were all over the place. It was as if a cataclysm hit the area. Nobody was in sight. I wandered for a long time, trying to find other people. I never did. “

Earth Day ad

April 25, 2012

Three days ago ( April 22 ) was Earth Day. I didn’t have the opportunity to talk much about it here, which is unfortunate. Earth Day has its use, even though I think it misses the whole point. Earth will most probably never die until the very end. Earth isn’t in danger yet. Earth saw it all. Earth has many scars to prove it. Earth received its share of cataclysms, but it has an extremely tough skin and humanity will die way before it does. It is us, the living beings who are guests to this planet. We, and the other living organisms inhabiting Earth, are the ones who are in danger. She removed dinosaurs from her surface and she can do the same to us anytime.

But still, I think that intentions count a lot, and I welcome almost any kind of ecological initiative, even this one. Here are two nice little ads that they made in the province of Quebec, Canada. I thought I could share it with you.

For those who do not understand french, it says: “Happy Birthday, Poor Planet”.

Boiling water

April 24, 2012

On this planet there are so many of us who are suffering, so many of us who need help, so many of us who are alone.

I feel so helpless sometimes, so powerless. I wish I was more than human. I wish I could heal all the wounds. I wish I could carry all those who are too weak to walk. I wish I could do so much more than what I do now.

Why is it, that all the stories involving heavenly and almighty beings have occurred a long time ago in the past? There are so many more of us now, so many of us who are desperate, so many who need sheltering, so many who need a hand. We need some magic in this world, but this world is so harsh and hostile that it reduces our imagination. Imagination is at its greatest when you are still naive. Who can claim their naive side is still intact in today’s world?

And if there is indeed a conscious god, somewhere… Is it testing us? Is this a trial, an experiment? If so, then shame on it. Because it is almighty and eternal. It does not know how it is to be weak and mortal. It cannot comprehend the suffering that we endure. And yet it watches us. It watches the destruction it has caused. Because yes, it is responsible for it. It created us. And if it is as almighty as people say, it could predict that we would come down to this. It knew we would hurt each other and hurt ourselves. It knew there would be thieves, rapists and murderers all over the planet. If it created everything, then it created wars. Some claim it made us equals, but there are people who live in harsher conditions than others. No, we are not equals. There is no equality in our world and we all know it.

Wake up. We have to change our ways. We have to reinvent ourselves. We have to help each other. We are connected. We are all one, if we want to. We have to ally. We have to congregate. We need to trust each other. We need to be who we are destined to be. We are the God. The God of the strong. The God of equality. We have the power inside us. It is sleeping. I feel it is about to wake up. I feel like we are all under pressure and that something is about to pop out of this. We’re like water boiling in a teapot. Like an air bubble underwater. Something is going to happen. Something has to happen.

But what will happen? What will trigger it? When will it happen? I wish I could know. I wish I could know.

I recall being in a truck. It was a red truck. There were four of us; my grandfather, my uncle, a stranger and me. We went to the heart of a forest and we walked down a small path until we found a grotto. There was a lot of green moss everywhere around it.

Then a black bear came out. It was an adult and it was quite large. I remember it was extremely aggressive and white slime was coming out of its mouth.

My uncle told me we had to capture it. We had no guns. We only had a large cloth made out of leather. Our plan was to trap the bear within the cloth, tie it up and take it with us.

But the bear made a move, and my uncle was surprised and fell to the ground. The bear was approaching him, so I had to do something. I yelled and threw a stone at the bear’s back. It then turned around and charged me, but the stranger who was with us threw the cloth. We used ropes and tied the cloth with the bear trapped in it. It was struggling to escape but we held on until it became calm. Then I woke up.